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@SCIFIEXPO Interview with Richard Oliver

Richard Oliver talks about his roles the Minister of Chance, The Light of September, Private Wars, and Justice the film! We also talk about video games and his journey to becoming a actor.

@SCIFIEXPO Interview with Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burne

Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett talk about Star Trek: Axanar, the rise of geek culture, the film Free Enterprise, and William Shatner.



Host Joshua S. Johnson talks about the new content on Star Trek Online with the introduction of the Iconian War in Season 10, the community of fans surrounding the independent Star Trek project 'Star Trek: Axanar', and the future of Star Trek on television.

@SCIFIEXPO Interview with Alec Peters

Host Joshua S. Johnson interviews actor/producer Alec Peters about his out of this world independent Star Trek project 'Star Trek: Axanar'!

@SCIFIEXPO: Sophie Aldred talks about STRANGENESS IN SPACE!

Host Joshua S. Johnson got the story about Strangeness in Space from Sophie Aldred just before their highly successful Kickstarter launch for a dynamic independent Sci-Fi comedy series being created in the United Kingdom!


Host Joshua S. Johnson interviews the amazing Sci-Fi and children's television performer Sophie Aldred!


Host Joshua S. Johnson interviews Sci-Fi legend, actor, and writer Richard Hatch!

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: Why you should check out Doctor WHO: Seasons of War

Host Joshua S. Johnson talks about the unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology project Doctor Who: Seasons of War!

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: No Smoking in 'Marvel's Agent Carter'

Host Joshua S. Johnson reviews the popular television series 'Marvel's Agent Carter' and analyzes the absence of all references of tobacco in the show's post World War 2 New York City setting. Joshua also shares his idea for a Hyrda based fan fiction on the subject.

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: Review of 'Drew: The Man Behind the Poster'

Host Stan Foster reviews 'Drew: The Man Behind the Poster', a documentary about legendary artist Drew Struzan.

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: Review of 'The Minister of Chance'

Host Joshua S. Johnson reviews the Sci-Fi/fantasy series 'The Minister of Chance'.

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: Review of 'The Captains' and 'The Dungeon Masters'

Host Stan Foster reviews William Shatner's 'The Captains' and the RPG documentary 'The Dungeon Masters'.

@SCIFIEXPO Podcast: Review of Classic BSG episode 'The Man with Nine Lives'

ost Stan Foster reviews the classic Battlestar Galactica episode 'The Man with Nine Lives'.


The greatest Time Lord in history returns to screen after 30 years to talk about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and Christmas special.

@SciFiExpo News #1 (July 2013)

Sci-Fi Expo #1 (Interview with Clare Eden)

For his first interview, host Joshua S. Johnson talks to Clare Eden about the audio series 'The Minister of Chance'.

On Twitter:

The @SciFiExpo that was: Images of the 2nd @SciFiExpo on SecondLife.

The Expo that was: The 1st Sci-Fi Expo on Second Life that started @SciFiExpo, an interview show, and Sci-Fi news podast! There have been a total of four large @SciFiExpo events on Second Life as well as smaller virtual events and ongoing participation in annual online Sci-Fi conventions!