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@SciFiExpo Podcast: Review of 'The Captains' and 'The Dungeon Masters'

Host Stan Foster reviews William Shatner's 'The Captains' and the RPG documentary 'The Dungeon Masters'.

@SciFiExpo Podcast: Review of Classic BSG episode 'The Man with Nine Lives'

ost Stan Foster reviews the classic Battlestar Galactica episode 'The Man with Nine Lives'.

@SciFiExpo Podcast: The Rise of Fanchises

Host Joshua S. Johnson explores the current redefinition of fan films from a arena of enthusiasts into a professional marketplace and how people can profit from other people's licensed Sci-Fi property through crowd funding sources.

@SciFiExpo Podcast: BATMAN

Host Joshua S. Johnson reviews The Dark Knight Trilogy, talks about Adam West, Batfleck, the Batman movies from 1989-1997, and gives his thoughts about the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film.


The greatest Time Lord in history returns to screen after 30 years to talk about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and Christmas special.

@SciFiExpo Podcast DOCTOR WHO Review #3: Companions

Host Joshua S. Johnson talks about many of the companions in the Doctor Who universe and cover the performers behind the roles, the companion's associations with the Doctor and go into detail about the impact the performers had at reshaping entire eras of Doctor Who while contributing greatly to the longevity of the program.

@SciFiExpo Podcast DOCTOR WHO Review #2: The Master

Host Joshua S. Johnson's condensed review and analysis of the character The Master from the long running television program 'Doctor Who'. I cover the contributions that each actor who has played The Master has brought to the role of one of the longest standing villains in the history of Science Fiction.

@SciFiExpo Podcast DOCTOR WHO Review #1: Colin Baker and the 6th Doctor

Host Joshua S. Johnson's very condensed review of the 6th Doctor era of the long running Science Fiction series 'Doctor Who'.

@SciFiExpo News #2 (August/September 2013)

@SciFiExpo News #1 (July 2013)

Sci-Fi Expo #1 (Interview with Clare Eden)

The Expo that was: The 1st Sci-Fi Expo on Second Life that started @SciFiExpo, an interview show, and Sci-Fi news podcast.