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 ABOUT THE Symposium: 

The Paradox Science Fiction Symposium is a virtual event which takes place on the program Second Life. Located in the Doctor Who fan themed Paradox Island. The symposium features celebrity guests, workshops, panels, and discussions about science fiction, science, technology, and creative arts.


For the May 2017 symposium, actors Yee Jee Tso (Doctor Who, Birth of the Dragon), Abie Ekenezar (Grimm, The Man in the High Castle), Richard Oliver (The Light of September, The Minister of Chance), and Simon Bugg (The Minister of Chance, Doctor Who Online Adventures) are going to be speaking to audiences through avatar in one of the themed presentation areas located around Paradox Island!


Thank you to David Lewis of Whoogle News and Pipa Novelli for making the symposium possible!


I hope that you join us for the Paradox Science Fiction Symposium on Second Life and stay tuned to this page for updates!

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