• Joshua S. Johnson

Workshops, panels, and discussions at the Paradox Science Fiction Symposium

Putting together the Symposium in a very short amount of time came through with only one setback, not enough time was given for RP/Sci-Fi groups, builders, SIM owners, or Sci-Fi fans to prepare any discussions, workshops, or presentations for the weekend of the symposium.

Although the event was announced only recently, one aim of the symposium was to give a virtual stage to interested individuals or groups who wished to host topic discussions or other presentations which as of early Saturday morning there are very few scheduled. On the opening day of the symposium, only one topic discussion was scheduled for 10pm SLT Friday night.

If any panel, workshop, or discussion topic hosts are scheduled during the weekend or on Monday I will be posting the times here as well as the Paradox Island and Sci-Fi Alliance group pages on Second Life.

I would like to apologize for the initial absence of these panel, workshop, and discussion topic events and hope to bring topic hosts, builders, and Sci-Fi fan groups to speak at the symposium this weekend.

Thank you for your patience!


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