Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg at the Paradox Science Fiction Symposium

May 21, 2017

Yesterday Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg signed onto Second Life to speak at the Paradox Science Fiction Symposium. While both new to using Second Life, the two quickly got adjusted to their avatars during the Saturday morning symposium party and by 1:30pm SLT were speaking to audiences in the Vardi City area of Paradox Island.



While speaking to audiences on Second Life the two spoke at length about entertainment projects they are part of, insights about the creative arts process, and screened the short films 'Justice' and 'Before Flight: The Timely Demise of Mr. Herman Pelwick' for symposium visitors.


 Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg made a video describing their experience on Second  yesterday and it can be found online at:


The event lasted well over an hour and it was great having Richard and Simon not only speak to audiences from within a virtual environment but also to see how much they enjoyed using Second Life to communicate with symposium visitors.


For more about Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg, check out their official online pages:


Richard Oliver on IMDB

Richard Oliver on Instagram


Simon Bugg on IMDB

Simon Bugg on Instagram


The Theatre Space


Thank you to Richard Oliver and Simon Bugg for speaking at the Paradox Science Fiction Symposium on Second Life!


(Also a huge thank you to Doctor Bernard and Pipa Novelli for their help in setting up for the event!)





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