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About the Library

Library reopen_017.png

The Library at the End of the Universe has reopened on December 26th, 2023! Visit the new location on Second Life by clicking here:

The Library at the End of the Universe is a STEAM awareness parcel and complete readable library on Second Life! With hundreds of titles on notecard and HUD books in multiple languages sourced from the public domain (Project Gutenberg, NASA) there are plenty of free book titles to choose from!


Visitors to the Library from around the world can read the books for free on a medium which the books are transferred to on Second Life, normally a note card or scripted object that can be attached as a HUD for easy reading of the books. All literature is sourced exclusively from with content presented set to follow ALA guidelines. Scientific material presented is sourced from U.S. Government websites such as NASA and like the material do not hold a copyright.


The content given to visitors at the Library at the End of the Universe is set to 'copy', 'transfer', but 'no modify' in the settings in order for those who collect the books to be able to give them away while not changing the contents of the book themselves. This keeps the content of the books from being altered by those who would pick up the books in the Library at the End of the Universe and decide to give the objects away themselves. All of the rules and links are presented in every book to allow each reader to study the most appropriate and ethical use of the works for themselves.

The new Library at the End of the Universe is streamlined to not distract away from the books as the exhibits had at previous builds. The ground level features the Library building, Lecture and Tour Pod, entrance to the Pop Culture exhbit and Spacewalk, and a teleport HUB to many destinations, mostly STEAM, around Second Life. To get to the Library at the End of the Universe, visitors will require a Second Life or compatible third party viewer like Firestorm and follow this link while signed on to Second Life and be teleported to the current Library at the End of the Universe area:

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