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A.I. ART on NightCafe

Starting in May 2023 and at the suggestion of my V.A. Hospital medical team, I began working on art again after several years incapable of doing so due to medical reasons but only with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. This page shows the work of Visualfreelacner on NightCafe! To see the work on NightCafe, to include images not featured on the Visualfreelancer website, click the button to the right or copy/paste this link to check out Visualfreelancer on NightCafe!

Nuclear explosion in Seattle Full Size.jpg

Just A.I. pictures have moved to another page!

Just A.I. images have their own page! Click the button below to see the original A.I. pictures before I used photographs to feed geometry and color information into A.I. This page is for personal pictures that I converted into the Art that you see on this page with some assistance from A.I.

Canada Hippy Full Size.jpg
Alien close encounters of the NERD kind Full Size.jpg

Sci-Fi Art by Joshua S. Johnson (Visualfreelancer)

Bridge to a storm filled sea Full Size.jpg

Nature Art by Joshua S. Johnson (Visualfreelancer)

Waiting for the Zeppelin Full Size.jpg

Adventure Art by Joshua S. Johnson (Visualfreelancer)

Castle on the mighty roaring Ocean Full Size.jpg

Castle Art by Joshua S. Johnson (Visualfreelancer)

A Knight in blue armor and Dragons with red scales Full Size.jpg

Fantasy Art by Joshua S. Johnson (Visualfreelancer)