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Just A.I.

These pictures are strictly A.I. generated on NightCafe. The titles are the "Text to Art" phrases used for A.I. to form the pictures. Examples can be seen on my NightCafe page.

Aged Hearts Full Size.jpg
Karate Chihuahua Color Painting.jpg
Alien drinking coffee.jpg

The Summer 2023 just A.I. collection

Above is an example of how much content can be generated using NightCafe A.I. to create a lot of images using text-to-art interface. I created around 2000 images in about 21 days using NightCafe from May to early June, 2023. I was mostly testing the basic features of the interface and was delighted at the ability to quickly shift from detailed and realistic images to fantastical in seconds. Each month I will be posting a different monthly collection with notes about the experience of using A.I. art to help focus away from severe diagnosed PTSD.

Art creation, Second Life, and Video Games are only merciful distractions.

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