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From 2016 to 2017 I made a lot of soap! Here are some of the labels and pictures from the first run of the Olympia Soap Company bars.


After recovering from a medical accident I was able to re-learn how to make soap with help from an assistant in September 2020. The years spent unable to make basic soap did however effect the basic recipes and with help from Savannah Hernandez-Yaskus I was able to re-learn the process enough to start producing soap bars on my own again.


Between September 2020 and the creation of the Smooth Coffee and Lavender soap bars in 2021, a number of soap bars of many different types were produced both with an assistant and without. While many of the soaps turned out well, the formula wasn't quite right and since I had only just re-learned how to make soap I didn't quite intend to sell what I had made but instead give it away to a number of people around the area for feedback about the soap recipes. While generally positive, it wasn't until the latest batches of soap that were stamped and placed in boxes that I felt the primary recipes had been fine tuned enough to sell soap bars again.


The Lye Calculator from Bramble Berry is a fantastic tool that I've used to help figure out the recipe percentages for every single successful batch of soap since first making specifically Cold Process Soap since 2016. For free online soap making education and recipe tools, Bramble Berry is the 'Godmother' of Pacific Northwest soap making tutorials and provisions and I highly recommend those who are interested in the art and science of soap making to pursue what can be a fun and enjoyable activity.

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